Season 6

rocket lads

Something different! 

Welcome to Season 6!
We are changing up the formula for Season 6. So buckle up boys and girls!

Who can play?
Players must have been rank Diamond 1 or higher in 3v3s in the current or the previous Rocket League Season.
This Season will have a Rank cap, no one higher than Grand Champion 2 can play, sorry you super sonics. 

Qualifier Tournaments!
There will be three single day Qualifier Tournaments that will be held on a Saturday in January, Febuary, and March 2023.

  • Qualifiers will be double elmination bracket
  • Best of 3 matches Rounds, best of 5 semi finals, best of 7 finals (no bracket reset, +1 for WB Team)
  • The duration will be around 3 to 4 hours in length. We will try to cast all matches. 
  • Sign ups for Qualifiers will open the day after the previous one ended, players will have to sign up each time
  • Teams are remade for each Qualifier, no one is required to play in all three qualifiers... but...
  • There are no limit to # of sign ups or # of teams for the Qualifier events.
  • Sign ups are first come first served, ex: if 26 sign up, first 24 will be made into 8 teams, leaving last 2 sign ups left over as fillers.

Player Points!
Individual players will earn points based on where their team finishes in the qualifier.
Players will also earn points if they signed up for a qualifier event, but were placed on the backup list, (not assigned to a team) 

Here's how the points work:

  • 1st Place = 20 pts
  • 2nd Place = 15 pts
  • 3rd Place = 12 pts
  • 4th Place = 10 pts
  • 5th Place = 8 pts
  • 6th Place = 6 pts
  • Sign ups  who didnt get to play = 6 pts

* You must play in the event, or be available if called on, in order to get your points.
Last minute player cancellations may be subject to a loss of points. This will be dependent on a number of factors, and determined by Admins. 

* Players who have no points and enter a qualifier will be given the lowest current amount of points that another player has. This way if someone doesnt play till qualifer 2 or 3 they could have a chance to still qualify for Championship Finals. 

  • For example, Joshola plays in Qualifier #1 and comes last, and gets 6 points, becoming the lowest point player.
  • Phoenix doesn’t play in Qualifier #1 and didn’t sign up for it either, so he currently has 0 points.
  • But he signed up for Qualifier #2 and plays in it.
  • He will automatically start that Qualifier Tournament with 6 points, that being the amount Joshola has, the current lowest amount of points.
Rocket Lad Admin Team

Championship Finals
The Championship finals will be a special event held on a Saturday in April 2023. 
If you played in any qualifier events, you should sign up for the Championship finals, regardless of your total points.

  • Only 4 teams will participate in the Championship Finals
  • From the sign ups, we select the top 12 'total points' players to play in the Championsip Finals
  • Format will be: Double Elmination, best of 5 rounds, Best of 7 semi finals, best of 7 grand finals with bracket reset. 

There will likely be prizes for the top team. It will be the responsibility of the winning players to reach out to Joshola to claim their prize within two weeks of winning. If you are not on PC, tears, you must find a way to get the prize. Prizes cannot be transferd.
There may be word of Championship Rings đŸ˜€

qualifier #3

March 2023 - TBD
Sign UpRank Diamond 1+


April 2023 - TBD
Sign UpRank Diamond 1+