The Overview

What is Rocket Lads?

Grass. Roots. Esports.
Rocket Lads
is our in house Tournament Series for the game Rocket League!
We run two major seasons a year which consisit of 14 teams, 3 players per team.
We invite all skill levels to join, from bronze to GC rank! 

All of our matches are livestreamed and comentated, we encourage everyone to turn in live.
Don't worry if you miss a match, you can catch the VOD on our youtube channel.

All of our broadcasts are family friendly, so we encourage you to get the kids, parents and pets and tune in for some amazing Rocket Lads action!
Thanks for following our channel & videos and all the support!

How are teams formed?

As we encourage all of our members to join no matter what rank they are, you may wonder how on earth we make things consistentand fair!?

Our skilled admin team collects the Ranked ELO data for all members who sign up for each season. 
Thats why we require everyone to have atleast played their placement matches.

The team then creates a spread sheet of all the players listing them in order of ELO. 
Based on that data, as well as knowledge of players previous Rocket Lads history, they form teams. 

The general idea is to form teams that have a "Team ELO" (combined ELO from all 3 players) is equal  or close to all other teams. Which usually works out to having a high ELO player matches with a lower ELO player, and a mid level player added as the 3rd player to round out the team. 

This formula has proven to work, and with minor tweaks we see it only improving for future Seasons!

Tournament Structure

Round Robin Play
2 Divisions 
14 Teams
42 Players
Best of 5 Matches

Top 5 teams take top seed in tournament bracket.

Bottom 2 teams play in wild card match.

Wild Card Match
Bottom 2 Teams
from each Divisions

Best of 5 Matches

Winning Teams earn bottom seed in the Tournament.

Losing teams are elminated from the tournament.

Play Offs
12 Teams
Double Elmination

Best of 5 matches
up to Semi Finals.

Semi Finals & Finals are
best of 7 matches.